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Baycliff Cottage

91 Sand Point Rd., Bar Harbor, ME 04609

To rent, please call or message 540.535.9957, or email

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Baycliff Cottage:

Baycliff's home entertainment system is nature.

Watch nature unfold in all its splendor from the comfort of the dining room table or couch. The large windows and skylights let you witness the changing character of Frenchman Bay. Watch amazing sunrises and sunsets, clouds racing across the sky, the moodiness of an overcast day or the approach of a storm. It's a never-ending story of change.

The beach also changes its character with the ebb and flow of the tide. There are boulders that are exposed during low tide along with the seaweed.


Watch lobster boats work the bay or cormorants and sea gulls commuting too and from the ocean. There are loons and other interesting seabirds to watch and find. The occasional  bald eagle may also pass by.

The cottage is fully furnished with a beautiful full kitchen, that also has a great view. Two full baths and a half bath The house has a high tier internet connection, WiFi and cable channels. There is a washer and dryer.

There are two upstairs bedrooms, a main level front room with a futon and a finished basement that has a bunk bed. There is a six person limit.

Kitchen & Living Room

Bedrooms & Baths

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